eCompliance is a powerful Learning Management System (LMS) specifically designed for the training and compliance management of employees, to ensure regulatory compliance is achieved.

As an easy to use tool, eCompliance makes the delivery of employee training, leadership and corporate training very simple – and it all designed by you.

There are four easy steps involved in the set up and operating of eCompliance:

  • Set up your learning environment
  • Create courses
  • Assign courses to staff
  • Monitor progress

Business Monitor

Business Monitor is a performance and diagnostic tool, for measuring individual business units or divisions of key operational areas.

All businesses have key drivers or criteria that help to provide measurement of performance in a particular sector.

Business Monitor measures, evaluates and reports on the competencies or efficiencies of these criteria, through specifically identified category examinations, and provides targeted action pathways for improvement. This reporting on action items using with resources and timeline data is a key feature the tool.

Resultant reports then have the power to become action road maps for your business, and form the basis for future analysis against defined elements for each unit or division.

People Performance

People Performance is a workforce performance appraisal and personnel development software application. It can be easily tailored to the needs of your business, installed into your existing system and managed online.

Managing your workforce becomes incredibly straight-forward when you use People Performance. Using the app you can develop your own template and rating forms, facilitate the delivery and administration of appraisals, simplify goal-tracking, report on outcomes and set up automated follow through to review agreed outcomes and achieve signoff.

What activities can People Performance be used for?

  • Performance appraisal
  • Probationary reviews
  • Training needs analysis
  • Succession planning
  • Exit reviews
  • General mentoring

Survey Action

Survey Action is the easiest way to design, distribute and collate a range of business surveys including for employees, customers or marketplace stakeholders.

Well designed and managed surveys collect data of any nature, be it the competencies and views of your people, feedback to monitor the effectiveness of courses and in-house training, needs analysis for programs, or customer impressions about your service, products or staff.

Survey Action is available online 24/7. Simply build your survey, using a straight-forward question system which includes multiple choice, select several, yes/no and true/false, rank the statement responses and easily share with respondents via by email. Upon receiving your survey responses, a variety of reports can be generated to get your business the insights it needs.

Digital Library

Digital Library is a permission based document management system which provides a systematic method of controlling the publishing and access of company documents.

Your Digital Library may utilise your existing documents, compliance manuals,appraisals, you may have some permission based documents already in use and you may want to buy new documents through our unique shopping cart of up to date and modern business document tools.

Digital Library gives you the ability to:

  • Set up a controlled environment for document protection through the use of authoring roles
  • Categorise documents
  • Search for documents
  • Upload documents
  • Disperse the documents for reading